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Climate:La Bodeguita - Havana

  1. Today's Weather in Havana  

  2. Havana 15 day forecast

  3. Today's Weather in Santiago de Cuba  

  4. Santiago 15 day forecast.

  5. The current weather for Various Cities in Cuba  

  6. Get a 15 day forecast for other cities

  7. Hurricane Information about Cuba

Current Time in Cuba:

  1. Current Time

More info on:La Bodeguita - Havana

  1. Havana

  2. Santiago de Cuba

  3. Trinidad

  4. Viñales

  5. Museums

General Info:Cuban customs website

  1. Cuba's National Website 

  2. Cuba Custom's Regulations


Travel Guides:

  1. Santiago de Cuba

  2. Frommer's Guide

  3. Lonely Planet Website

  4. Time Out Havana Guide

  5. Rough Guides

  6. Virtual Tourist Guide


Distances between cities.

  1. Calculate distances online



The transport situation in Cuba is bad.

Trains and buses run late and can’t always be relied upon.

Rental cars are extremely expensive. Be sure to take ALL insurance cover you can including theft.

Some great pictures :   

  1. Cuba transport

  2. Transport in HavanaCamello


Public Transport:  

  1. Buses : Astro  

  2. Buses : Viazul (more Luxureous)

  3. Buses : Viazul (Faster site)

  4. Info on Train schedules

  5. Cuba train schedules

  6. Train travel in Cuba

Car Rental:  

  1. Cubacar

  2. Havanautos

  3. Micar

  4. PanatransLast year's model.

  5. Rex  (the best but most expensive)

  6. Transtur Auto

  7. Via (Gaviota) or Via Website

Classic car Rental:  

  1. Rental of Old Cars  

  2. Panatrans grancar

 Motorhome / RV Rental:

Most of the sites below refer to the same rental company and the same vehicles.

I am just listing them so you can compare prices.

  1. Campertour   Mercedes RV

  2. Cubacom

  3. Cubalinda (Pictures)

  4. Cubamar

  5. Cubasun

  6. Gocubaplus

Locations with specialized services for campers.

Cuba camper sites






Cubana de aviacion.Camaguey

  1. Cubana


  1. Cubanacan

  2. Gran Caribe

Cell phone rental:

  1. Cubacel

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