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Memorial Ernesto "Che" GuevaraMemorial Ernesto Che Guevara Santa Clara Villa Clara Cuba

Solemn place located at the entrance of the so-called City of Che. The memorial is the burial place of the heroic guerrilla leader and most of his comrades killed in the Bolivian jungles during the second half of the 1960's. The monumental complex was the idea of José Delarra and has become a place of obliged visit for tourists coming to the city.

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Museo Provincial de Villa ClaraMuseo Provincial de Villa Clara Cuba

The visitor will be able to know all the details about the facts that took place in the final battle of the Rebel Army during the takeover of the city of Santa Clara in 1959. In its halls, we find a harmonious collection of artwork, varied documents, furniture, and other utensils from the 19 th and 20 th centuries.
Address: Ciudad Escolar "Abel Santamaría", Reparto "Osvaldo Herrera", Santa Clara

Museum of Decorative ArtsMuseum of Decorative Arts Santa Clara Villa Clara Cuba

It is located in the very core of the city, across from the beautiful Parque Vidal. It treasures excellent furniture or highly valuable artistic pieces dating back to the 18 th century. Moving along its halls allows the visitor to appreciate the development of furniture design through time.
Address: Calle Marta Abreu and Luis Estévez, Santa Clara

Museo de las Parrandas en RemediosMuseo de las Parrandas en Remedios Villa Clara Cuba

The appearance and further development of traditional parties of the Remedios municipality, identified as "Parrandas remedianas", are shown in the museum. Since the moment of its appearance, this sort of carnival competes with its analogues at the locations of Vueltas and Camajuaní. The museum exhibits models, lamps, garments, and many other objects that identify this homely territory.
Address: Calle Máximo Gómez # 71, Remedios, Villa Clara

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