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Communications.Morro Havana

More on areas codes, phone numbers and how to call Cuba from around the world. Please note that communicating with Cuba can be difficult due to bad connections and is very expensive.

  1. Cuba area code finder

  2. Mail to Cuba

  3. Making calls to Cuba from ...

  4. White pages Cuba

  5. Yellow pages Cuba - CU

  6. Yellow pages Cuba


Gifts (including food) to friends in Cuba.

These internet sites allow you to puchase goods online and have them delivered to your friends or family in Cuba. The selction is limited and prices are high.

  1. Antillas-express

  2. Envio regalos

  3. Mall Habana

  4. Supermarket


Send basic medicines to friends Cuba.El Cobre - Santiago

This internet site allows you to purchase some basic medical equipment and have it delivered to family or friends in Cuba.

  1. Mall Habana


Sending cash to Cuba.

These sites allow people abroad to send cash to their relatives in Cuba using the internet and a credit card. Note that one can give people in Cuba a Visa debit card that can be "topped up" in your own country. "Offshore card" system exists for residents of the USA.

  1. Antillas-express

  2. AWS Transaction

  3. Duales

  4. Family remittances

  5. Transcard


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