Internet Access.  

Purchase of Internet access cards:

The cards are $15/5 hours and can be bought from the International Press Center at 23 and O in Vedado, Havana.

Info: as of 31/08/2003 this would be no longer possible. I am awaiting confirmation.


Tuisla Service: (no longer available after 2004)


TuIsla TM is a service offered by Cuba combining Internet access through a national points of presence (POP) network and a web portal, The TuIsla TM service offers membership to this unique electronic community, the Internet, as a consequence of the combined efforts of Colombus, Copextel S.A., one of the country’s major Internet service providers and Telecorreos, owned by Correos de Cuba Enterprise.
TuIsla TM guarantees complete access to the Internet, including an email address (e-mail), access to discussion forums and news groups, and the WWW (World Wide Web). The TuIsla TM members have access to Islagrande, the nationwide first Cuban portal.

From any Tuisla Internet Kiosks in Cuba; you have the possiblity of getting access to Internet at the cost of $2.00 USD for each hour.. You can buy as many hours as you want with a minimum of 5 that you may organize as you wish.
Once you have made the online payment, you must keep the unlock key number that you will receive on the InternetSecure receipt. This code is the key to log on and have access to any Tuisla Internet Kiosk in Cuba.


:: Convention Center
146 Avenue and 9th St. Playa

:: Postal Office at Ministry of Communications
Independence Avenue and 19 de mayo. Plaza

:: Marina Hemingway Resort Post Office
5th and 248, Barlovento. Playa

:: Cathedral Square Post Office
San Ignacio y O'really. Old Havana

:: Obispo Street Post Office
Obispo y Bernaza. Old Havana

:: University of Havana Post Office
27th St and L. Vedado.

:: Viazul Tour Agency
26th Avenue and Zoológico, New Vedado. Plaza

:: Panamericano Resort Hotel Post Office
A y Carretera Cojímar. Habana del Este

:: Plaza Hotel Post Office
Ignacio Agramonte 267. Old Havana

:: Neptuno Hotel Post Office
3rd St and 70. Playa

:: Sea Club Arenal Post Office
Laguna de Boca Ciega. Eastern Beach

:: Coral Hotel Post Office

:: Central PostOffice
Aguilera e/ Reloj y Barnada


If you are travelling to Cuba with your own laptop; configure your connection according to the city you stay in, the dial up numbers are:

. Havana City 204-6842
. Camagüey 251550
. Santiago de Cuba City 686460 Update: new number: 160190
. Santa Clara 206842

Baracoa.Baracoa beach

  1. Etecsa office



  1. Hotel Colon


    Tel. 53 32  28-3346, 28-3368, 28-3380.


  2. Gran Hotel




Ciego de Avila.

  1. Etecsa office



  1. Biomundi center

    Calle 200 e/ 19 y 21



    $5 USD/h

  2. CENAI

     Av. 47 e/y 18A y 20,


    $5 USD/h

  3. Colombus Conectividad,

    Calle 20 e/ 7ma. y 9na. #711



    $4 USD/h

  4. Cybercafe_Capitolio
    Capitolio de La Habana, prado
    Havana, 10200
    Tel: 537 669164

  5. El Colibri
    Ave 17 y 202, Cubanacan
    Tel: 537 241360

  6. Hotel Golden Tulip

    Calle Neptuno

    entre Prado y Zulueta

     Habana Vieja   

    Tel: 537.8.606627

  7. Hotel Nacional de Cuba
    Calle O & 21 Vedado
    Havana, 10400
    Tel: 537-8733564

  8. Hotel Sevilla

    Calle Trocadero 55
    Between Prado and Zulueta
    Tel: +53 7 860-8560



Santa Clara.


  1. Casa Mercy

    Omelio Moreno Lorenzo
    San Cristobal #4
    e/Cuba y Colon
    Santa Clara
    Tel: +53 42 216941


  2. Etecsa office



Santiago de Cuba:

  1. Etecsa office

    Parque Cespedes

    $5 /  hour (fast)

  2. Hotel Casa Granda

    Heredia 201
    Santiago de Cuba

    Tel: 53-22-65-3021
    U$ 5/hour (slow)

  3. Hotel Melia Santiago

    Avenue de Las Américas y Calle M
    Santiago de Cuba CP 90900

    Tel: 53-22-687070
    U$ 5/hour

  4. Matamoros Restaurant

    Calle Aguilera s/n, e/ Calvario y Reloj

    Santiago de Cuba.
    Tel.: 53-22-652205

    $5 / 3 hours (slow)

  5. Megacen

    Carneceria #459

    %Enrameda y San Géronimo

    8:00 - 20:00 hour





  1. Etecsa office

  2. Hotel Tuxpan

    Ave de las Americas

    Tel:53 5 667560

  3. SuperClubs Puntarena
    end of Ave Kawama
    Tel: 53 5667125


Note: the Etecsa web site is scheduled to list all addresses of offices. Please check if that has already happened.

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