Casa Doctora Mayda Martinez.

Name Doctora Mayda Martinez Personal rating out of 10  
Address Isabel Rubio #125 sur, entre Maceo y Ceferino Fernandez, Pinar del Rio    
Tel Number   Commodities 9
  Cleanness 7
  Friendliness (see "freedom" below) 8
  Food 6
  Room itself 10
  Freedom:  10
  Letting you get on w/ yr business 10
  Giving you advice, but not too much 10
  Dragging you too much, excesive friendliness 10
  Dragging you into their own lives 10
  Privacy 10
House / Flat Flat to rent above the house  
Style not colonial.  
# Rooms rented 1, with lounge   
Price $15 - $20  
Meals offered?     Price
Bkfast on request $3-$4
Lunch on request $6-$7
Dinner on request $7-$9
Style/comments Good/drinks not incl. in price  
Nearby restaurants? yes, but not as good $10 - $30
Balcony? Huge terrace, excellent for sunbathing!    
Patio? yes, downstairs    
Garden? no    
Room(s) One double bed Room 1 Room 2
En-suite bathroom yes  
Shared w/ family no  
Shared w/ other guests no  
Shower yes  
Hot water yes  
Bath tub no  
Hair-dryer no  
Air-conditioning yes  
Fan yes  
Closet yes  
  Available in room Available o/side rm
Private entrance to room yes    
Views? yes, of Pinar    
Use of kitchen? unsure, but there is one within the lounge  
Fridge?   yes  
Radio-cassette?   yes  
CD player?   no  
Voltage?   unknown  
Plants?   no  
Pets?   no  
TV?   yes  
VCR?   no  
Alarm clock? the family will wake you up  unsure  
Couple (young or old) in their 50's  
Children? (age) no  
Environment Friendly, but will let you alone  
Accept gay couples? yes  
Accept cuban visitors? yes  
Town centre? 5 minutes  
Near town centre? yes  
More than 10 mins from tc?    
Quiet place? yes  
Shops & restaurants nearby? yes  
Local amenities nearby? yes  
Additional comments      
  This is the best room I have rented in Pinar del Rio. Excellent for its privacy and the way the owners treat you.     

Thanks to Esther for the information.