Road maps.

Below I have listed some road maps that can be useful in Cuba.

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I recommend that you buy them before you leave as good maps are still hard to get in Cuba.

More info on the Cuban roads.



  Scale : 1:775,000

  My favorite

  ISBN 3-88618-581-8

    Insight Flexi Map Cuba

     Scale : 1:1,400,000

    Handy plastified

    ISBN 981-234-271-0

    Available at





    Scale : 1:1,100,000

    Size (cm): 89x58


    Scale: 1:1,250, 000

    Size (cm): 97x66






  Litografia Artistica Cartografica

  Scale : 1:250.000

  ISBN 88-7914-168-6


  Scale : 1:1,380,000

    ISBN 1-85974-255-6

  Available at






    Insight Travel Map

    Scale: 1/800.000

    Availablle at






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